A Letter to my future teenage kids

If you ever come asking: “Mom, how can I make my friends like me?” my only answer will be: “by never seeking their approval.” We are nice because being nice is an obligation, it’s something we, your parents and teachers, have worked day and night to instill in you. But to go out of your way just to fit in and be a part of a certain group: the cool folks, the elitists, the sports squad, the cheerleaders, the debate club, that’s never going to guarantee an everlasting friendship. Take it from your mother, the only friendships that have stood the test the time are those in which I felt loved, accepted and even celebrated for my individuality. Sure, they thought I was crazy at times, and literally had to pull me out of my shell at others, but we made it through the decades. At our time, nobody really cared whether you had thousands of followers and your social media content went viral. We saw the change each one of us could make, we wished each other well, we cheered each other on, we had each others’ backs, we were sincerely connected by the heart. We never needed an internet connection to maintain a friendship running that deep. Try to make at least one everlasting friendship, kids. Find friends whom you can connect with spiritually and mentally. Don’t melt in a crowd and wonder why you’re constantly feeling anxious, dissatisfied and depressed. Be people connectors, not just people collectors. Someday you’ll understand that rebels don’t spend their time at middle and high school breaking rules and having parties. It takes more to be a rebel. It takes a person who’s not afraid of being called crazy or weird for trying to live by their own terms. That’s a spirit that can’t be tamed.



Your Shoes Don’t Fit Me

Your shoes don’t fit me

And I don’t think they will someday

Please don’t try to fix me

Because I think I’m doing okay

If I do things differently

If I choose not to have it your way

Just allow me to make those inevitable mistakes

Without being reminded of the price I had to pay

Or worrying about all the people I had disappointed

What kind of a life is this?

Look at all the chances I’d missed

Trying to please people who never really cared

And always ending up lost in regret

Now I look at the mirror and see a person trying

No longer fettered by perfection, pretending, lying

I’m absent-minded, emotional,

So don’t mind the crying

Don’t tell me it’s not ok to feel

Helpless, clueless, I’m human

I’m tired of dragging this torn cape

I could never fly, I’m no Superwoman

What I could do however

Is meet up to my own expectations

Set goals regardless of my limitations

Constant challenges fueled my imagination

You see, your doubts have been my motivation

Everytime you said I can’t

I pushed harder till my bones bent

Lifted my spirit up with my own hands

But I still think you won’t understand

If that’s love then I will respect

I’ll assume you meant to protect

But the worst hasn’t happened yet

And one day when you recollect

All the memories that we had

You’ll find that I’ve always been perfect

Just the way I am