On raising happy daughters

Every night when you tuck your daughters in, tell them how much you love them. Tell them they’re amazing. Tell them there’s nothing in the world they can’t do if they put their minds to it. Tell them they can count on your acceptance and trust you with their problems. If they come crying to you, listen to them, validate their emotions. Silly things don’t make people cry. If they think their noses are too big, their hips are too wide, their lips are too thin, they’re fat, they’re ugly…hug them tight and tell them everyone is beautiful in their own way and that what matters most is the beauty of their minds and the gratitude in their hearts. Never ever tell them that if they don’t like their features they can have plastic surgery when they’re older. A nose job never made anyone happy. There are many beautiful women out there with the most broken hearts. Mothers, your words are of great influence on your little girls. As role models, you need to put your own insecurities aside when you address your daughters’ insecurities. Let your strength reflect on their thoughts and behavior. Let your kindness embrace their sweet tender hearts. The hardest part about raising a daughter is convincing her to just be herself in a world that seeks to teach her otherwise; nurturing her self-esteem is challenging indeed in an age where the fashion brands you wear define how likable or cool or rich you are. There will be days when she’ll feel so alone, confused, and indecisive. Be that someone she runs to. Your daughter would never choose anyone else over you if she knows you’re the only one who will understand. So make every moment count. Enjoy those little talks, the endless questions, the laughs, giggles and yes, the power struggles that never seem to end. They will be merely memories in a few years. Be sure that she will be as happy as you ever liked her to be by just carrying the best of those memories, and upon recalling those encouraging words you once said. The best way to raise a daughter is not to tell her she can be just as good as any boy, nor that she needs one to grant her happiness. Raising a happy girl always, always starts with a happy mom.



~ Zeina


Stronger than This

Sadness has no beginning and no end

Heartbreaks come and go but souls do mend
You have to believe it deep inside
All this pain you’re feeling will subside
Tomorrow is coming so rest assured
Tomorrow holds the answer, has your cure
Patience is bittersweet, but you can wait, my friend
I know that you feel like your world is falling apart
And you’re so lost and hurt you don’t know how or where to start
Life gets turbulent but I’m sure you’re tough
Remember: you’re truly loved and you’re enough
Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise
Take a good at yourself and you’ll realize
You’ve been through much tougher times than this
And somehow built resilience and found bliss
No, this is not your joy coming to an end
You might seem broken now, but it’s just a bend
You’ll stand on your feet
And life will be sweet…
Again…my strong friend