Let bygones be bygone

It’s time to relax and unwind

And leave your worries behind

Let bygones be bygone

And start anew

Allow this hurtful past 

To let go of you

Stop clinging to memories

And holding on to illusions

You need a new beginning

And some new resolutions

Let bygones be bygone

It’s just no use

Your fate has been decided

Is not up to you to choose

Let bygones be bygone

So tell me, why worry

Why overthink?

Let bygones be bygone

Just cut the link

And be free


Hanging by a thread

There used to be love 

And understanding

But life’s become 

So tough and demanding

We no longer give those we love

The benefit of the doubt

They hurt us once 

And they become

So easy to live without

I see families torn apart

And ask: for what?

Isn’t family supposed to

Be all you’ve got?

Even friendships have

Turned into rivalries instead

When there’s no love 

We’re just hanging by a thread

No, this life hasn’t failed us

We’ve failed ourselves

Our feelings are collecting dust

Like china on our shelves

Nothing is worth giving

If nothing’s returned

Trust isn’t granted

It’s only earned

There was once a home

For our heart and head

Now there’s no love

We’re just hanging by a thread

The pains we bear are too heavy

They bend our backs

Too many baggages to carry

No one helps us unpack

And if someone ever asks

“Hey, what’s on your mind?”

You hesitate to answer

“nothing, I’m just fine…”

But that’s not what you meant

Nor could have easily said

But when there’s no love

You’re just hanging by a thread

Things will change, I know

If we let go of our ego

When faith becomes our driving force

When love conquers hate

Everything falls back into place

And life returns to its natural course


His Mercy

His Mercy encompasses everything

His Mercy embraces those who sin

His Mercy engulfs the world with blessings

To count those where would you begin?

His Mercy is the prickly tears in your eyes

When someone’s pain shakes your humanity

His Mercy is the tenderness in your heart

And the love you grant unconditionally

If His Mercy is ever withdrawn

What would life be? 

Would we want to know? 

Words don’t hurt anymore

Hurtful words used to rotate

On every crevice in my brain

I’d let them drive me insane

But now they just ricochet

Like bullets shot in the dark

Aimed straight at my heart

Now it doesn’t matter who hates

Or who throws in the bait

Words don’t hurt anymore

They’re not what I’m living for

And it doesn’t matter how they try

To hold me down, I won’t cry

These words fall like confetti on the floor

Vengeance is a human trait

Albeit a tragic one

It’s sad how when people can’t accept fate

They take out their anger on everyone

Words weren’t made to hurt anyone

They were designed to communicate

But for some, all they can convey 

Is bitterness, they can’t appreciate

That life can’t give us more than we can take

I wish someday we could all see

That life isn’t  worth all this animosity

And words were only made to uplift humanity

Dear Perfectionist

Dear Perfectionist,

Perfectionism is wasted talent. 
Perfectionism is lost time and potential.

Perfectionism is being stuck in a vicious cycle: action, reaction, regret.

Perfectionism is adhering to the same, often futile, thought patterns.

Perfectionism is a creativity assassin.

Perfectionism is all the lessons we learn very little from. 

Perfectionism is constant frustration in life, and disappointment with oneself and others. 

Perfectionism is often mistaken with good performance but it barely has you achieving anything, simply because you don’t acknowledge your efforts and trials, which are, by themselves, achievements.

Stop being so hard on yourself. 

Forgive yourself when you don’t get things right the first time, tenth time or millionth time. You are not a machine. You are human. You were born to make those mistakes. Perfection is a trait of the Divine. 

A bad choice doesn’t mean you weren’t smart enough or didn’t know any better when you made it. It doesn’t mean you are not good enough to make better choices next time around. It means you took one route, just one route, to find something which you didn’t find….but it led you somewhere else, didn’t it? And that’s one good reason to be grateful for failure. You may get it right the next time, you may not. But the only certainty is that you’ll accidentally find a more resilient, wise and flexible version of yourself you were never even looking for. 

Dear Perfectionist, you didn’t fail. Only those who never seek change do. 


An Ex-Perfectionist

Everybody says

Everybody says, everybody claims

Everybody criticizes and shames

Everybody demonizes

Everybody ostracizes

Everybody judges in God’s name

Everybody believes they’re entitled

Just because they hold some title

But everybody is nobody

When you think of it this way

Because it’s only up to you

To live life however you want to

And only you will face that fated day

When you’ll wish you could be saved

By everyone who said they cared

But would they even take a bullet for you?

No, they wouldn’t even dare


Spirit in the Wind

‏I’m but a spirit in the wind

‏Brushing clouds floating by

‏I am but the echo of your mind

‏The thoughts that never die

‏I am who you think I am

‏I am who you think I’m not

‏It doesn’t matter who I am

‏As long as you know who you are

‏So tell me what have you done

‏Tell me how far have you gone

‏Tell me have you ever felt whole

‏Have you found where you belong?

‏It doesn’t matter what I do

‏Or if you still can’t see me through

‏I see myself, but do you?

‏And to yourself are you true?

‏I may be a muse

‏Or so you may deduce

‏I could be just a ruse

‏That has you confused

‏I see trails of despair

‏And dust in your hair

‏You’ve been high and low

‏And you still don’t know

‏The truth you’re searching for

‏Is not outside your door

‏But hiding in the layers of your core

Wise people make mistakes

We think we’re only made of light

But we’re partly made of fire and clay

We may be kind, loving creatures

We could be monsters in search of prey

If we don’t practice self-restraint

But even the best of us get in trouble

Even the wisest make mistakes

Without lessons there’s no wisdom

Without guilt there’s no refrain

To think we’re above error

And smarter than those who stumble

Is to hold our hearts as prisoners

Of ideals that are bound to crumble

 Only angels are made of light

And there’s no other way

to learn your wrong from right

Than to fall and make mistakes

We’re all just visitors

We are all just visitors here…Don’t get too comfortable, that’s not home

Home isn’t a welcome sign on the door

Nor where our children leave toys on the floor

Home isn’t a place or a state or a piece of land

Home is up where we all will finally find a helping hand

Somewhere to belong

So don’t get too comfortable

And don’t leave with grudges either

It’s nothing serious, you see

Whatever they do or say to you

Never take things too seriously

They’re only visitors here; and so are we

Make the best of this ride

Say exactly how you feel inside

And do whatever you think is right

Hug someone who needs to know

That they’re not in this alone

And that God is right by our side

Be a reason someone smiles 

Be a reason someone prays

Be a reason someone believes

That even if we’re all just visitors

And we’ll be moving out one day

What awaits us on the other side

Is something worth trading for every comfort offered in life


Even the Earth finds its balance

After it’s shaken to its core

It’s still and steady, 

As if nothing had happened before

Life resumes its monotony

And every migrating bird

Finds its way back to its nest

But why am I still sitting here

With hollowness in my chest

Why am I waiting so idly

As if the world would wait out for me

To collect the shattered pieces

And reclaim a lost identity

The days prove me wrong yet again

It doesn’t get better with time

Wounds don’t heal by talking to a friend

Even words I bleed on paper fail me

Perhaps this blood has run dry

Perhaps this lack of emotion

This great fear, is what will keep me alive