M is for every “Moment” you cherished for me

O is for every “Obligation” you fulfilled with glee

T is for the “Time” you spent ensuring I’m happy

H is for the “Home” you built on love and mercy

E is for all the “Efforts” I can’t thank you for enough

R is for the “Responsibility” you have taken with love

MOTHER you’re a gift sent from Heaven Above


Aren’t We All?

You say you’re tired

You say you’re confused

You say you’re distressed

And all your energy is consumed

Well, aren’t we all?

You say you’re disappointed

Things didn’t go as planned

You think you’re lonely

No one holds your hand

Well, aren’t we all?

Aren’t we all looking

Aren’t we all searching for

This place called happiness

But is it worth waiting anymore?

Sometimes I wonder

Why there’s delay

Waiting in hope that someday

This chaos rests forever

Perhaps this day is nearer

Perhaps the things we desire

Aren’t really what we need

But will that quench the fire?

All I can say is there’s no way out

But to push away the fear and doubt

And hang on to that silvering ray

On every cloud heavy and grey

Perhaps then what we need

Eventually finds our way

What is Regret?

Regret … is the words 

You can’t take back after they’re said

Regret … is the aftermath

Of a rush of blood to the head

Regret … is all the chances

You didn’t dare to take

Regret … is all the decisions

You were too afraid to make

Regret … is the price you pay

For all your thoughtless mistakes

Regret … is how I feel

Everytime I hear your name

Regret …. is my consciousness regained

And facing your truth again

Regret …so intense it feels like a heartattack

Regret …. is all the tears

That won’t bring my love back


There’s blood on the pavements

Blood on the streets

Hot blood splattered 

On autumn-chilled concrete

Blood on faces

You thought you’d never meet

Until one day they’re famous

Not for any special feat

But for being survivors

Of a heinous deed

An orphaned child, a corpse with no identity

A widowed mother, a torn family

What will it take 

To save a grieving country?

Will this state of mourning

Ever cease?

Blood has become a familiar scene

On every news on every screen

Whether you’re going about your way

Or you sell your soul to a political party

Martyrdom is an unescapable collective destiny

One day you’re alive, the next you’re some casualty

Blood is cheap, or so it seems 

Villains claim responsibility 

For their bloodshed games

But the crimes go unpunished

And are merely shamed

There’s blood on hands

We never get to see

Blood stains on our nation’s fabric 

Weaved with sectarian hostility

It’s beyond comprehension

How we never learn from history

Perhaps a half-ton of TNT 

Is enough spark to ignite our short-lived unity

Perhaps the sight of gushing blood

Would break the silence of our complacency 

Not long before we go back to our comfortably numbing routine

A Real Parent

I am a real parent

And by real I don’t mean

I’m a perfect know-it-all

Whose got everything under control

I am a real parent 

Because I’m the parent 

Who doesn’t hide her shortcomings

And is not ashamed of her failures 

And, boy, are they many

Somedays I’m bulletproof 

Somedays I hit the roof

I always wonder where I’ve gone wrong

I question the little voice inside that tells me what to do

Sometimes I go through the day

Without even realizing 

That I barely prayed for my little ones

I am a real parent

And by real I mean 

That I’m human 

Not that model with her babies

On a magazine cover

Whose flat-tire belly has been photo-tucked 

Whose skin’s flawless

And brows neatly plucked

I’m none of those

Because I chose

To be a real parent

Dark-circles and all

I am a real parent

And by real I mean

I cry at night when no one sees

And wake up the next day stronger than I can be

I am a real parent 

And you’d better beware

I watch out for my children

Like a wolf watching for hers

I’m always weaving plans

To get better at this parenting game

And I know I can


One day a door slammed shut
And I thought I lost the keys to the lock

I started looking in other people’s pockets

I searched for all the wrong tools to unlock it

I cried, I screamed, my heart filled with woe

Where could they be, I just didn’t know

Until one day I found out

About pockets I didn’t uncover

They were my own, why didn’t I even bother?

So I rushed to the door that closed one day

But I realized the lock has been changed

So I cried once more

And my heart was sore

Over all the dreams lying behind that door

But I still have that set of keys in hand

Perhaps one day I’ll understand

That those dreams were never meant for me

And I’d have to look for the lock to my keys

Into the Sunrise

We all have always stories

We don’t tell

We all have feelings we don’t share

There are parts of us

That don’t show so well

But this secrecy is the cross we bare

All our lives we’re taught

To stay away from fights

We’re warned to escape

The very first ray of light

But we’re lured to the sun

Like a moth to a flame

And there’s really no use

To turn the other way

Or surrender to shame

All my life I knew

I had something to give

Every word I write is

A reason to live

And though some parts of my soul

Still don’t clearly show

They’re bound to shine through

That’s what I surely know

Oneday I’ll stand in the sun

And let its rays surround me

And finally embrace

The happiness that just found me

I’ll walk right through the walls

And break through the dark

Like some Supernatural being

That’s the faith inside my heart

What Depression Feels Like

Heaviness in your chest

A bloodless rupture in your heart

A lump in your throat

It’s like someone’s tearing your soul apart

Weariness in your body

And a loss of precious sleep

A gushing in your eyes

When there’s no reason to weep

A nostalgic look at the past

An unexplained fear of what’s to be

A detachment from the present

In which you live with melancholy

Anger, worry, sadness, isolation

Alienation, withdrawal, anxiety

You shut the world off in fear

Of being found out suffering

Even the things you loved the most

Your hobbies and pastimes

No longer give you smiles

To cope with the hard times

No drug can lift this cloud off

And bring sunshine to your life

And though your beliefs and faith

Come between you and the knife

You wish things had some meaning

And your purpose would come to aid

But your fatigue is overwhelming

That you can no longer think straight

It almost feels like drowning

With no water around

It almost feels like screaming

But no one hears a sound

Depression is silent, dark and dreary

Depression is a stigma

(Perhaps that’s why no one hears me?)

People talk about the monsters

Lying under your bed

Or the skeletons in your closet

Or the demons in your head

But no one comforts you with reassurance

That “they’ve been there” instead

You’re dull when you’re tired

You’re unbearable when blue

No one likes to see the dark

Side of the moon

But somehow it wears off

With a little help you seek

Because, after all, we’re humans

And humans are made weak

Don’t be ashamed of those feelings

Don’t assume you’re wrong

When you need to unload burdens

You’ve been carrying for too long

There’s always someone to confide in

When you can’t do things on your own
And always, always remember

No one goes through this alone


When my life falls apart

I pick up the fallen pieces of me

Pieces I’d forgotten

In the deepest layers of my memory

As I recall I hear sounds once faded

Getting loud and clear, they roar

All the hustle just awakens me

To live the dreams I had before

Whatever happened that kept me

From seeking all my passions

Won’t stop me now

I’ll have it all somehow

In an extraordinary fashion

I get up and get going

It’s my boat, I will be rowing

Through a river of hopes flowing

Against the winds of change blowing

My faith will keep on growing

Then I pick up piece by piece

the ruins and debris

Of every shipwrecked dream

And build a sailboat anew

That’s what I always do, always do

Your Shoes Don’t Fit Me

Your shoes don’t fit me

And I don’t think they will someday

Please don’t try to fix me

Because I think I’m doing okay

If I do things differently

If I choose not to have it your way

Just allow me to make those inevitable mistakes

Without being reminded of the price I had to pay

Or worrying about all the people I had disappointed

What kind of a life is this?

Look at all the chances I’d missed

Trying to please people who never really cared

And always ending up lost in regret

Now I look at the mirror and see a person trying

No longer fettered by perfection, pretending, lying

I’m absent-minded, emotional,

So don’t mind the crying

Don’t tell me it’s not ok to feel

Helpless, clueless, I’m human

I’m tired of dragging this torn cape

I could never fly, I’m no Superwoman

What I could do however

Is meet up to my own expectations

Set goals regardless of my limitations

Constant challenges fueled my imagination

You see, your doubts have been my motivation

Everytime you said I can’t

I pushed harder till my bones bent

Lifted my spirit up with my own hands

But I still think you won’t understand

If that’s love then I will respect

I’ll assume you meant to protect

But the worst hasn’t happened yet

And one day when you recollect

All the memories that we had

You’ll find that I’ve always been perfect

Just the way I am