Helping him make friends!

My son has been receiving phonecalls from his best friend at school. That’s big news to me! Actually that’s the best news ever. Mind you my kid isn’t the least popular in school. In fact, his explosive recurrent tantrums have earned him a lot of fame. All that aside, knowing your young kid has a friend who cares enough to call after school or on weekends is a healthy indicator of your child’s sociability. We clearly lack in this department, hence the multiple visits to the psychotherapist who constantly recommends exposing our boy to more social situations rather than avoiding them to prevent unexpected anger triggers. When my son mentioned this kid in particular, saying he felt comfortable around him because he “doesn’t get angry” I felt great relief. Perhaps my poor boy is so tired of all the restrictions at home and at school that he finally found this friend who helps him blow off steam. When his friend videocalled him today, he didn’t know what to say! So I started giving him hints and cues as to when to reciprocate a question or respond to one. It felt weird, but it gave me true joy to teach my son how to maintain this friendship. I asked him whether this friend had siblings, since my 2-year-old daughter insisted on participating in their conversation and even snatched the phone and redirected the conversation to herself! (Yep, she’s a girl alright!) As an introvert, I hate small talk. I can’t really say I’m socially awkward though, I know the basic telephone etiquette and fundementals of courtesy. Although I wouldn’t normally do it myself, I had to entice my son into calling his friend back today. He was hesitant but I reassured him saying the phonecall wouldn’t take too long and that his friend would be upset if he doesn’t feel that he’s interested in his friendship. And my son really likes the boy but he just doesn’t know how to express his excitement. Our first lesson in receiving phonecalls was successful and pleasant. I truly hope this is the beginning of a long-lasting friendship. Nothing would make me happier than knowing my child feels comfortable in his own skin around his peers. 


Author: Zeina

I'm a Lebanese translation and editing professional. I mother two adorable children, a 7-year-old hero on the spectrum and a 2-year-old princess just launched on her terrible two's! Juggling parenthood and a home-based freelance career is no easy task, especially for a (hopefully recovering) perfectionist. This is where all the writing and poetry come to my aid, as a source of inspiration, hope and emotional well-being. Poetry is the spark of creativity that ignites my rather mundane life. Spirituality is what keeps me focused on my purpose.

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