Because They’re Muslims

When words seem to fail in expressing our great sorrow, poetry comes to our aid as the heart can’t hold that much sadness. Today the lives of three young souls in North Carolina have been claimed, their only fault was being Muslim. The murderer turns out to be an atheist who hates Islam. He might as well have murdered the entire Muslim population because today a part of our hearts has died with Yosr and Razan Abou-Salha, and Deah Barakat (Yosr’s husband). A part of our hearts dies everyday with every drop of Muslim blood shed, for we are one, we are all organs of a single body. We are all facing the same injustice. We are yet to hear a mass apology from the atheists worldwide. But no, they’re not Muslims, they don’t have to repent for crimes they’d never ponder on committing.


Because they’re Muslims born and raised in the States,

They’re a source of threat

Labeled “potential timebombs”, that’s their fate

Though not a single terrorist they’ve met

Doomed to live in fear for their lives,

Their every day is filled with dangers

of assaults, gunshots, stabs with knives

The American passport they hold, but they’re still strangers

“Go home where you belong!” One racist would shout

“Take that garment off your head!”

Never quite sure what this whole religion is about

Because it’s nothing like what their media has said

Grab a book, son!
Get yourself educated
Before you point that gun
Someday you’d wish you’d waited

Young flowers plucked too soon
Their dreams not yet fulfilled
But what is it to you, Mr. Murdock?
That innocent lives are killed?

Would these shootings stir a mouse
In the mighty White House
Like the Paris shooting did not long ago?
But wait, what did I hear?
The killer, once more, is in the clear
He’s just another faith-hating psycho…

Stop the hate…
Stop the crimes…
Bring justice to rest all these souls
Forgo the double-standards
Enough with the bias
They are not Charlie
They are Yosr, Razan and Deah
And they’re not lesser human because
they’re Muslims


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Author: Zeina

I'm a Lebanese translation and editing professional. Juggling parenthood and a home-based freelance career is no easy task, especially for a (hopefully recovering) perfectionist. I'm also an introvert, so yes this explains the tagline "I write better than I speak" :) Hope you enjoy your stay here!

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