What’s in a name?

Good morning all,

The first blogpost! Where to start?! It’s always hard to introduce yourself so briefly but let me give you an idea about the girl behind your screen. In a nutshell, I’m a perfectionist. It took me 6 months just looking for the perfect name for this blog. Yes, 6 months! That’s how bad my perfectionism is. I asked around, researched other websites with similar interests but in the end I decided to stick with my real name. Life is vigorously moving, trends come and go, and so do people who walk in and out of our lives in a flash. We constantly change our minds, hearts, opinions, shoes, but very rarely do we change our names. I happen to like mine, in fact. It’s a very common name. I hardly know a household in this city that doesn’t have a Zeina.

Anyway, about this blog….

As a translator, I view incidents as content that needs interpreting, a source of rich information that’s worthy of analyzing and explaining. I don’t take things at face value. Delving deep into the substance of my daily findings has become more than habit. It’s become a way of life.

Oddly enough for a perfectionist like me, inspiration hits you like thunder, any time of day, especially at the wrong time, like now when it’s 6 am while I’m getting my kid ready for school! I’ve learned, the hard way, that there’s no right time to do things. My muse won’t drop by when the kids have slept and I’m sitting by my laptop, sipping tea, pen in hand, waiting for her arrival. You just have to seize every moment to get things done. Juggling motherhood and a passion for writing is no easy task especially if you’re always on the run. I never find time to write, I make it.

Challenges inspire a lot of change in us, and I guess I’m finally learning that it’s far more important to get things accomplished than perfect, without compromising on quality, of course.

So that’s the story behind the name, or lack of creative blog name. Now why do I have a feeling we’re gonna be late for school?!

Have a great day everyone and hopefully I’ll keep you “posted” soon,



Author: Zeina

I'm a Lebanese translation and editing professional. Juggling parenthood and a home-based freelance career is no easy task, especially for a (hopefully recovering) perfectionist. I'm also an introvert, so yes this explains the tagline "I write better than I speak" :) Hope you enjoy your stay here!

6 thoughts on “What’s in a name?”

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! I can’t wait to read more from you 🙂 I had so much trouble finding a name for a blog as well haha – one of the most important steps to create a blog! I hope you’ll enjoy blogging as much as we all do here ❤


    1. Thanks Arielle, how nice of you to drop this welcome note! Names are everything. I just didn’t want to limit myself to something I might change later, like my previous blog. Will make sure to check your blog too ☺️☺️


  2. Great,,,,It came to me at first that you will talk about how parents choose their children’s names……..Such a stressful and time consuming task!


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